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My name is Roy McCloud and I am excited about your future.  I am the founder of Roy McCloud Media, which includes Light and Life Ministries and Vision for A Better Life CDC. 

My passion is to educate, inspire and empower you using biblical principles to transform the way you see yourself and transcend limitation living by embracing the concept of life in abundance, to the full, until it overflows, so that you may live the lush life of prosperity and spiritual awareness God intended

Your success and happiness in life truly matter to God and to me. Your God given DESTINY is worthy of any investment necessary. I invite you to join me online at one of my media outlets  (YouTube, Twitter, BlogTalkRadio, Facebook - click the like button below) for empowerment, encouragement and destiny acceleration. 

My goal is to help you identify and overcome barriers that hold you back form exposing your full potential and enjoying your best life now.

Thank you for allowing me the gift of access into your time.  Join me and together lets Destroy the Works of the Devil by impacting our generation for Glory of God!

May God Bless Your Bones!

Welcome to Roy McCloud Online